TWBB Marfa

Southbound on US Hwy 67 south of Marfa, TX. The old Feather Factory
buildings are in the distance on the right. 2 or 3 miles south
of the stoplight in Marfa.

Entrance to Feather Factory/Production Office is to the right.
It is an unmarked driveway. Official address is SW Hwy 67, 1
Feather Factory Way, Marfa, TX 79843. Ph 432 729-4744.

Driveway entrance.


Production Office. Transportation is in the trailer on the right.
Use the right hand door and check in with the Transportation
Coordinator, Greg Faucett.


Follow the roadway to the right of the production Office, then
up the slight rise to the left.


Access to parking area.

the RR cars in this area. Leave room for other rigs to maneuver.