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The Italian

A Paramount Pictures film Directed by F. Gary Gray the story is set in Italy
and contemporary Southern California and stars Mark Wahlberg,
Charlize Theron, Edward Norton and Donald Sutherland.. Released
May 2003

Stan Garner of The Train Source, Inc. was the Train Coordinator.

The train is featured as part of the climactic ending. It was
shot at the Union Pacific RR Taylor Diesel Shops in Los Angeles
and at Amtrak , Los Angeles near Union Station

Consist – Principle Train

Locomotive –
Amtrak F-59
Coach – Amtrak Superliner Coach
Lounge car – Amtrak Pacific Parlor Car
Coach – Amtrak Superliner Coach.
Baggage Car 1 – Amtrak MHC Car
Hero Box Car – RAMX 2014 All Door Box Car

The Hero Box Car was staged at the UPRR Taylor
Diesel Shops for the scene where the Mini Coopers are loaded
in to the Box Car. The Hero Box Car was specially acquired for
the film because it has doors that open to 22 ft wide and allowed
the cars to be driven in from a ramp/platform that was erected
inside the shop building.

The final train secene was shot on Amtrak’s
Roundhouse Lead along the Los Angeles River near Union Station.

Film Information

Photos by: STAN GARNER

Hero Box Car

Move car to UPRR Taylor Diesel Shops