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Private Car Pony Express - PPCX 800320
Member of AAPRCO and RPCA


 Built by Canadian Car & Foundry
 Year 1941
 Built for Canadian Pacific Railway - #4210
 Service Baggage & Express
 Lt Wt 120,600#
 Features Full open end doors A end
  Has tables and seating for 40
 Mechanical Amtrak PC2 complete 8/20/01, PC2A 3/23/2011. Current PC-1
 Trucks Commonwealth – Straight Equalizer
 Brakes 26C – Tread braked, Lo-Friction comp or cast iron shoes
 Wheels 36" – Hub stamped, fresh contour, 41-46/16 thickness.
 Bearings Timken & Fafner roller bearings, grease lube
 Couplers F - Tightlock
 Clearance "A" Clearance - Good for Northeast Corridor
 Electrical 110 V car with full HEP.
  12 V emergency lighting, water system and marker lights
  Solar panels and inverter provide basic electrical service off HEP
  7500 watt Onan quiet diesel gen set
 Water 325 gal stainless steel water tank, 20 gal elect hot water heater.
 Toilet RV china bowl with 58 gal holding tank.