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Mona Lisa Smile

A Columbia Pictures film by Smile Productions, LLC. Train depicts a 1953 California. Zephyr traveling from Oakland, CA to Chicago, IL. Actress Julia Roberts will be seen riding in a passenger car crossing the desert. The interior scenes were shot with a Green Screen on the Morristown & Erie near Morristown, New Jersey. The plates (what the movie goer sees outside the train window) were shot from the Pony Express on the Arizona & California RR in Arizona.

Stan Garner of The Train Source, Inc. was the Train Coordinator.
The train is featured as part of the opening sequence. It was shot on the Arizona and California Railway between Vicksburg, AZ and Harcuvar, AZ. The train was provided by The Train Source, Inc., Monad Railway Equipment, California Zephyr Railcar Charters and Rail Journeys West, Inc.

Consist -
- MREX 97, E8-A, EMD Ser# 11494, Blt. 7/50, ex-Metra #519, ex-C&NW #5022.
Baggage/Express Pony Express - PPCX 80032, CC&F 1941, ex CPR #4210.
Baggage - MREX #3554, Budd. 1957, ex-Amtrak #1068, ex-AT&SF #3554.
10 Dbr-6 Rmt Sleeper - MREX #2888, Budd, 1949, ex-Amtrak #2635, ex-UP #1442 Pacific Spray
Dome Coach Silver Lariat
- PPCX #800190, ex-CB&Q Silver Lariat
11 Bedroom Sleeper
- MREX #452, Budd, 1952, ex-Amtrak #2202 Elm Grove, ex-CB&Q #452 Silver Thrush.
6 Sec-6 Rte-4 Dbr Sleeper
- MREX #465, Budd, 1952, ex-Amtrak #2155, ex-CB&Q #465 Silver Tulip.
10 Dbr-6 Rte Sleeper
- MREX #487, Budd, 1956, ex-Amtrak #2672, ex-CB&Q #487 Silver Hollow.
4 Dbr-1 StRm Dome Obs Lounge Silver Solarium, Budd 1948, ex CB&Q #377 Silver Solarium

Transportation to the A&C Ry.

The Silver Solarium and Silver Lariat travelled to Los Angeles from Oakland on the Coast Starlight on February 24, 2003. Upon arrival at Los angeles they were coupled to the Pony Express and interchanged with the BNSF at 9th street yard. BNSF took the three cars in a special move to La Mirada, CA where the rest of the train was assembled. The special train was handed off to the Arizona & California RR the morning of February 25th and arrived at Parker, AZ late in the afternoon of the 25th. During the trip from Cadiz to Parker the train was switched into the proper order at Rice, CA.

A&C Operations.

Weather delayed filming for a day. Photography began on Thursday, Feb 27th and completed on Friday Feb. 28th.

Transportation back to La Mirada and Los Angeles, CA - The train departed Parker on the morning of Sat. Mar. 1st and was pulled backwards by A&C power from Parker to Rice, wyed and then pulled forwards to the A&C i- BNSF nterchange at Cadiz, CA. The train was taken by a BNSF -9 unit from Cadiz to La Mirada then on to Amtrak, Los Angeles arriving in the mid morning of Sunday, March 2nd. The Silver Solarium and Silver Lariat returned to Their respective destinations on Amtak's Coast Starlight on March 3d.

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Photos by: STAN GARNER

A recreated California Zephyr on Harcuvar Hill east of Vicksburg, AZ 2/27/03

Shooting plates from the Pony Express 2/27/03

The CZ

Lights, camera, action 2/28/03

CZ in afternoon light


CZ at sunset, 2/28/03

On the way to Cadiz, CA 3/1/03