During 1995 Short Line expanded from limited specialty and movie operations to regularly scheduled passenger excursions and dinner train operations. The 1996 schedule featured excursions every Sunday beginning in February, Murder Mystery and Hollywood Express dinner theater trains were inaugurated on Saturday nights during the spring and fall and Saturday night Bar-B-Que trains during the summer. Movie business continued to be a revenue mainstay. The end of 1996 saw a major change in the company. Mr. David Wilkinson purchased the Fillmore and Western Railway Co. and the Short Line Enterprises name from the corporation. This sale, entered into in November of 1996 was completed in January of 1997. Mr. Garner, one of the company's founders, agreed to remain with the new company to handle the movie business, certain operating requirements and as a general consultant.

After the sale, three of the four Shareholders in Short Line Enterprises, Inc elected to redeem their stock for cash. Logan S. Garner became the sole shareholder of Short Line Enterprises, Inc. The terms of the sale required the Company give up the Short Line Enterprises name. After considering several alternatives, including a return to SLE,Inc., the name was changed to The Train Source, Inc. on December 1, 1997.

During the final stages of the sale the Company became involved in a project to operate a special train for a rock band using private cars operating on Amtrak routes. This was a new direction, offering opportunities not previously available. As part of this project, the Company was working with Mark L. Dees, a good friend and private car owner who kept a baggage/lounge car at the railroad in Fillmore. Mark was killed in a tragic accident in December of 1996. Mr. Garner continued to work with the Dees estate until the project was cancelled. Based on further interest in this type of project the Company went ahead and bought former Canadian Pacific Baggage Express car #4210, PPCX 800320 Pony Express, from the Dees Estate on June 22, 1997.

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