TTSI Resume 4



1972 First use of SLE equipment in motion picture
work. Episode of TV series Kung Fu filmed at Century Ranch, Malibu
Canyon, CA.
1972 SLE (4 partners) purchased 1888 Cooke L &
M Co. 4-4-0 locomotive #8 (Orig. Denver & Fort Worth #114,
Dardanelle & Russellville #8) a c.1920 Davenport 0-4-0 gas
mechanical locomotive, 17 passenger and freight cars and ½
mile of track with 5 turnouts from Twentieth Century Fox Film
Corporation. Sold several cars to various restaurant projects.
Sold one coach to the Sierra Railroad Company, Jamestown, CA.
Traded 2 coaches to Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum Association,
San Diego, CA in exchange for 1884 Chicago Rock Island &
Pacific 0-4-0T shop locomotive #11. Moved two locomotives, 1
freight car, 1 passenger car and one caboose from Century Ranch,
Malibu Canyon, CA to Alta Loma between 1972 and 1975.
1971 R. G. Steiner and R. D. Verkuyl join with SLE
to purchase Paramount Pictures movie train. Old Tucson Movie
Studio purchased 27 freight and passenger cars from Paramount
Pictures. SLE purchased 22 freight and passenger cars from Old
Tucson. Nevada Heritage Association purchased 15 freight and
passenger cars from SLE. SLE moved 7 cars from Union Pacific’s
East Los Angeles Yard to Alta Loma.
1970 Ronald G. Steiner and Robert D Verkuyl purchase
1869 wood caboose coach #8 (ex-Virginia & Truckee caboose
coach #8 -JULIA BULETTE) at MGM Auction, Culver City, CA. Moved
to SLE, Alta Loma.
1970 SLE Purchased 1888, 34′ wood frame flat car (ex-AT&SF
#78094) at MGM Auction, Culver City, CA. Moved to Alta Loma.
1970 SLE Purchased c.1905, 40′ wood frame flat car
(ex-Sacramento Northern #01412) from Western Pacific Railway.
Moved from Sacramento to Alta Loma.
1969 SLE Purchased three foot gauge 1920 H. K. Porter
0-4-4T locomotive #5, c/n 6536 ( Orig. Robinson Clay Products).
Moved to Alta Loma, CA from Montreal, Canada.
1967 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES founded as a partnership
by Logan S. (Stan) Garner and William A. (Bill) Oden with purchase
of standard gauge 1891 H. K. Porter 0-4-0T locomotive #1, c/n
1236 (Orig. Rogue River Valley Ry. #1) and ¼ mile of track
from Chadwell O’Connor. Kept at O’Connor Ranch in Alta Loma, CA
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