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Updated 3/30/16


2009 Pony Express and
Sleeper Pacific Sands travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans,
Washington DC, Chicago and back to LA
2008 Pony Express departs
Santa Fe for Los Angeles to participate in the AAPRCO Convention.
Returns to new home in Winslow, AZ
2007 TTSI moves Private Party Car Pony Express
from Amtrak-Los Angeles to Santa Fe Southern Ry, Santa Fe,
2007 Stan Garner – Train Coordinator for Universal
Pictures Feature Film “The Express”
2006 TTSI – Train Coordinator for Lions Gate’s Feature
Film “3:10 to Yuma”
2006 TTSI – Train Coordinator for Paramount Classics
Feature Film “There Will Be Blood”
2005 THE TRAIN SOURCE, INC. – Pony Express
participates in AAPRCO Convention Special to the Grand Canyon.
2004 THE TRAIN SOURCE, INC. – Pony Express
participates in AAPRCO Convention Special to Missoula, MT then
in the Montana by Steam II special behind Daylight locomotive
#4449. Stan Garner elected to AAPRCO Board of Directors.
2002 THE TRAIN SOURCE INC. – Private
Party Car Pony Express begins regular charter operations
with trip to the Grand Canyon. August, 2002
2001 THE TRAIN SOURCE INC. – Completes Amtrak PC-2
inspection and rebuild on PPCX 800320 Pony Express.
1997 THE TRAIN SOURCE INC. – Purchases ex-Canadian
Pacific Ry Baggage Express car #4210 – PPCX 800320 Pony Express
from the Mark L. Dees Estate. Begin Amtrak PC-2 inspection and
1997 THE TRAIN SOURCE INC. – Short Line Enterprises,
Inc. renamed to The Train Source, Inc. December 1, 1997
becomes sole shareholder. August 1, 1997.
1997 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, INC. sells all assets
including the Fillmore & Western Railway and the name Short
Line Enterprises to Mr. D. A. Wilkinson of Santa Paula, California.January 20, 1997
1994 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, INC. – Partners in Short
Line Enterprises, Ltd. assign all interests to SLE, Inc. (General
Partner) and the company is renamed Short Line Enterprises, Inc.December 30, 1994.
1994 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, LTD. Edward G. Farrell,
III becomes a partner. October, 1994.
1991 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, LTD. moves operations
to Fillmore, California. July, 1991.
1990 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, LTD. Closes Newhall Ranch
Movie Train operation, moves to SP’s Santa Paula Branch, Piru
California. Establishes Fillmore & Western Railway. July,
1989 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, LTD. – Completes work
on Nevada State Museum projects at Carson City, Nevada.
1988 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, INC. completes a 12 month
plan of voluntary liquidation following the sale of assets to
the Nevada State Museum. December, 1988.
1988 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, LTD., a California limited
partnership by its general partner, SLE, Inc., a California corporation,
established by James F. Clark, Jr., Logan S. Garner and John
C. Garner. Acquires balance of Short Line Enterprises, Inc. assets
and continues business. February 10, 1988.
1987 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, INC. enters into an agreement
with the Nevada State Museum to sell a substantial portion of
the company’s antique locomotives and cars to the Nevada State
Museum (representing more than 90% of the corporation’s asset
1985 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, INC. establishes Newhall
Ranch Movie Train at Newhall Ranch, CA. June, 1985.
1985 James F. Clark, Jr. purchases SLE stock from
W. A. Oden estate. May, 1985.
1983 W. A. Oden passes away. March, 1983.
1979 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, INC. – Begins work on
Nevada State Parks and Nevada State Museum projects at Carson
City, Nevada.
1977 Locomotive #8, Flat/Excursion Cars #358 &
#360, Miners Caboose # 10 and Railbus #50 moved to Sierra Railroad,
Jamestown, CA. May, 1977.
1976 Balance of SLE collection moved to Sierra Railroad,
Jamestown, CA. June, 1976.
1976 Locomotive #8, Flat/Excursion Cars #358 &
#360, Miners Caboose # 10 and Railbus #50 leased to Virginia
& Truckee Railroad, Virginia City, Nevada. April, 1976.
1975 1975 Entered into Film Representation agreement
with Sierra Railroad Company, Jamestown, CA
1973 SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES, INC. -Four partners in
SHORT LINE ENTERPRISES combine all assets and establish Short
Line Enterprises, Inc.
1972 Started discussions with Robert Gray about supplying
equipment for his proposed tourist railroad in Virginia City,
Short Line purchased Twentieth Century Fox Collection
Ron Steiner and bill Oden purchase ex-Federal
Shipbuilding Corp 0-4-0 No.2
Short Line purchases 22 freight and passenger
cars from the Paramount Collection. Keep 7 sell 15 to the Nevaa
Heritage Association.
Ron Steiner & Bob Verkuyl purchase ex-Virginia
& Truckee RR Coach Combine no.8 the “Julia Bulette”
at MGM auction. Bill and Stan purchase ex-AT&SF flat car.
Ron and Bob become part of Short Line Enterprises.
Bill and Stan purchase ex-Robinson Clay Products narrow gauge
Bill and Stan complete reurbishment of No.1
Stan Garner and Bill Oden purchase ex-Rogue River
Valley Railway Co. No. 1 from Chad O’Connor
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