(Formerly Short Line Enterprises, Inc.)
Rev 12.31.08

Logan S. (Stan) Garner, President, CEO of The Train Source, Inc., (formerly Short Line Enterprises, Inc.) has a unique background in the acquisition, sale, evaluation and restoration of nineteenth and twentieth century railroad locomotives, cars and related equipment. The Train Source, Inc. has on file records pertaining to the sale and transfer of several items of railroad equipment and related tools, artifacts, etc. As a result, The company has been called upon to appraise numerous items of railroad equipment and related tools and artifacts.

The Company no longer does appraisals.


 1974 Ex-Southern Pacific 4-6-0 #2248 (Cooke, 1896) for the Texas State Railroad.
 1978 Ex-Eureka & Palisade NG 2-6-0 #5 (Baldwin, 1875) for the Burbank Studios (Warner Bros.)
 1979 5 standard gauge freight cars of early twentieth century construction, 2 narrow gauge freight cars of nineteenth century origin, one track speeder and pieces of one mine cart for the Burbank Studios.
 1979 Sierra Railroad 4-6-0 #3 (Rogers, 1891), 2-8-0 #28 (Baldwin 1922), 3 wooden passenger cars, 11 steel passenger and 2 excursion cars, 29 freight cars and an assortment of miscellaneous speeders, track cars, etc. all of late nineteenth and early twentieth century construction for the Sierra Railroad Company.
 1982 Ex-Caboose No.6047 and 40 feet of track for Mr. Robert Stuard.
 1982 Blacksmith Shop and metal working tools of early twentieth century origin for the Nevada State Museum.
 1982 Miscellaneous patterns, lamps and artifacts for the Carson Nugget Casino.
 1982 Ex-Southern Pacific 2-6-0 #1629 (Schenectady, 1900) for the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society.
 1984 AT&SF 2-8-0 #132 (Baldwin, 1880), two 1880's wooden passenger cars, wood depot and miscellaneous railroad artifacts for the Santa Fe Southern Pacific corporation and Kansas Museum of History
 1985 AT&SF 2-6-2 #1010 (Baldwin, 1901), for the Santa Fe Southern Pacific corporation.
 1986 Request for Quotation from IRS to appraise 1924 H.K. Porter 2-8-2. Declined because other commitments prevented completion in time frame given.
 1986 Nevada Northern Ry 4-6-0 #40 (Baldwin, 1910), EMD SD-7 #401, ALCO RS-2 #105, ALCO RS-3 #109, 2 Baldwin diesel electric locomotives #801 (1000HP) and #802 (1200HP), 2 GE electric locomotives #080 and #081, 1 industrial locomotive, 4 wooden passenger cars, 4 cabooses, 60 freight cars, 1 rotary snow plow, 2 RR cranes, 2 Jordan spreaders and miscellaneous track maintenance equipment for the Kennecott corporation, Nevada Mines Division, Ely.
 1988 Stockton Terminal & Eastern Ry 2-6-2 #3 (Baldwin, 1922), 1 wooden caboose and 2 lightweight passenger cars for the Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad.
 1989 Ex-Dayton, Sutro & Carson Valley 0-4-2T "JOE DOUGLASS" (Porter, 1882) for Bob Walton.
 1990 Ex-Nevada Copper Belt RR. motor car #21 "YERINGTON" (Hall Scott, 1911) for Dick Reynolds
 1991 Ex-Nevada Central NG 2-6-0 #5 (Baldwin, 1881), Ex-Waimanalo Sugar Co. NG 0-4-2RT #1 (Baldwin, 1907) and several NG passenger and freight cars for Ward Kimball.
 1992 Ex-AT&SF 4-8-4 #3751 (Baldwin, 1927) for San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society,
 1993 Ex-Duluth Missabe & Northern Official Car, Missabe (Ohio Falls Car Company, 1892) for Lake Superior Museum of Transportation, Duluth, Minnesota.
 1995 Three Michigan California Lumber Company steam locomotives and boxes of company records for Michigan California Lumber Company.
 1995 Ex-SP Self Propelling Railway Crane No. 7020 (Bucyrus-Erie, c.1925) for Rick Franklin Corporation.
 1996 Ex-Colorado Midland RR Private Car No.100 "Cascade" (Pullman, 1898); Private Car No.92 "Blackhawk" (Pullman, 1903); Pullman Parlor Car "Louisa Alcott (Pullman, 1927); and, ex-UP Dome Lounge Car #9000 "Orlando Dawn" (ACF, 1955) for Boyd Gaming Company.
 1998 Re-appraisal of ex-Duluth Missabe & Northern Official Car, Missabe (Ohio Falls Car Company, 1892) and Railroad China and Silverware for the Estate of James G. Maloy, Knoxville, TN.
 1999 Faulkner Farm 30 inch gauge Amusement Park Train for Hanson Trust, Santa Paula, CA.
 2000 Carl T. Rogoza RR memorabilia collection for Rogoza Estate and California State RR Museum
 2002 Fillmore & Western Railway Company 2 Steam Locomotives, 6 Diesel Locomotives, 16 Passenger Cars, 22 Freight Cars and miscellaneous equipment.
 2002 Henry L. Sorensen Collection of 36" Narrow Gauge Locomotives, Cars and Miscellaneous Railroad Parts and Equipment
 2003 Ward Kimball Estate - Grizzly Flats Railroad narrow gauge steam locomotive, passenger car, freight cars and miscellaneous railroad artifacts.
 2003 Ward Kimball Estate - Selected railroad artifacts from Grizzly Flats Depot.
 2003 Yosemite Sugar Pine Narrow Gauge RR locomotives and cars.
2005 Private Car Glen Eyre for Charles Crocker
2006 Private Car Santa Barbara for Fillmore & Western Railway
2007 Ward Kimball Estate - Update appraisal for Grizzly Flats Railroad narrow gauge steam locomotive, passenger car, freight cars and miscellaneous railroad artifacts donated to OERM in 2006.
2008 George Thagard - Bodie & Benton Tender Tank

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