For most of its existence prior to 1990, Short Line Enterprises was isolated from the use of rail transportation for its equipment by virtue of equipment age or location. This unique situation has required the use of trucks and, in some cases, cranes to move equipment from place to place. This experience has made Short Line Enterprises uniquely qualified to move railroad locomotives and cars of all sizes to or from virtually any location.

Since 1968, when 10 ton locomotive No. 1 was moved for an antique show, the Company has moved more than 100 pieces of equipment to and/or from places as far away as Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, BC and Deer Lodge, Montana, or as close as the next town.

In 1989 the company moved a 130 ton diesel locomotive from the Southern Pacific team track at Saugus, CA to the Newhall Ranch trackage at Valencia. A short move of a mile and a half that required two trucks, one special transporter, and two cranes plus rigging equipment.

A month later a 90 ton steam locomotive and its 33 ton tender were moved from Madrid, New Mexico, to the City of Santa Fe Springs, California. This move required transporting the equipment 25 miles overland to a rail siding on the Santa Fe, loading it onto two heavy duty flat cars, tying it down for shipment, transporting it to Santa Fe Springs, reloading onto trucks and moving it to a storage yard where temporary track had been laid.

In 1990 the company trucked its collection from Valencia to Piru. Since then it has moved a variety of freight and passenger cars to and from the Santa Paula branch by rail and truck.

Private car Pony Express is certified for movement in Amtrak passenger trains.

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