TTSI Resume 13





Short Line Enterprises Locomotive No. 1


Cosmetic and mechanical restoration of operational
1891, H. K. Porter 0-4-0T (orig. Rogue River Valley Ry Co. No.
1). Repaired cab, installed new bottom in saddle tank, repaired
& adjusted the suspension, completely stripped of old, weathered
paint and repainted, striped and lettered as Rogue River Valley
Ry Co. No. 1.


Short Line Enterprises Coach No.8


Cosmetic and structural restoration of ex-Virginia
& Truckee Railroad Coach Combine No.8 (V&T RR built in
1869). 80% of the original car was saved in this first coach
restoration. Photo documentation techniques were used to provide
reference materials and an historic record of the project.


Short Line Enterprises Locomotive No. 8


Complete cosmetic and operational restoration
of 1888 Cooke L & M Co. 4-4-0 (ex-Dardanelle & Russellville
No. 8). Performed major boiler repairs, constructed accurate
replica of original cab, constructed new pilot, pilot beam &
running boards, made running gear, cylinder, crosshead, and air-brake
repairs, rebuilt and modified lead truck to allow operation on
sharp curves, constructed new tender frame using original construction
design, rebuilt tender trucks and applied 1 set of replacement
leaf springs, replaced lower side sheets in tender tank. Placed
locomotive in operation in conformance with the safety requirements
of the States of California and Nevada. Prepared for finish and
painted, striped and lettered in a turn-of-the Century color
and style.


Short Line Enterprises Passenger Caboose No.10


Complete structural and operational restoration
of 1873 Kimball Manufacturing Co. Passenger Caboose (ex-Virginia
& Truckee Railroad Car No.10). Car was restored to its turn-of-the-century
appearance and operating condition. Original frame members, trucks
and hardware saved, all other structure, paneling, doors, windows
and flooring replaced. Original bench seats restored.


Short Line Enterprises Railbus No.50 “WASHOE
ZEPHYR” (ex-Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend #401)


Complete interior and exterior restoration
to an appropriate appearance. Mechanical repair and refurbishment
of motor, transmission and drive train. Car was restored for
regular tourist railroad service.


SLE Locomotive No. 8


Performed necessary boiler, air-brake and
safety appliance work to bring locomotive into compliance with
FRA operating standards.


California State Railroad Museum Projects


Several 19th Century locomotives, passenger
cars and freight cars were restored to as built or later, in
service, conditions. Short Line Enterprises personnel were employed
by the State of California to provide the expertise necessary
to supervise the work and perform key tasks in the completion
of these projects. Specific project assignments included complete
paint, striping and lettering research design and replication,
construction of a complete tender using original manufacturers
drawings, design and fabrication of missing pieces, parts and
assemblies, design and creation of ceiling cloths for passenger
cars, hand painted in oils on linen duck and general restoration

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