TTSI Resume 12




1981 Reoperation Feasibility Investigation – V
& T R R Locomotive No. 18
Prepared for Nevada State MuseumConducted boiler inspection and running gear examination to determine
feasibility of restoring No. 18 to operating condition. Discovery
that boiler was of wrought iron construction resulted in a recommendation
to restore No. 18 to non-operating condition.
1982 Reoperation Feasibility Investigation – V
& T R R Locomotive No. 22.
Prepared for Nevada State MuseumConducted boiler inspection and running gear examination to determine
feasibility of restoring No. 22 to operating condition. Results
were positive, boiler was made of homogeneous steel and usable
condition at reduced boiler pressure. Recommended restoring No.
22 to operating condition.
1983 Restoration Engineering Project for Virginia
& Truckee Coach No. 4.
Prepared for Nevada State Museum.A detailed engineering package was researched and formal drawings
prepared for the car body exterior and interior structure, detail
drawings of moldings were made and working sketches made for
incidental parts. Especially noteworthy was the research and
design work involved in documenting the detail and assembly drawings
for the V&T application of the Miller Patent platforms and
couplers. Since the car itself had suffered major alterations
by the film studios and had been severely damaged during transportation
to Nevada, considerable disassembly was required to ascertain
exactly how the car should be reconstructed. Detailed analysis
of historic photographs was also used to establish the configuration
of certain parts of the car for the c.1889 period.
1984 V&T Express Car No. 14 – Engineering.Prepared for Nevada State Museum.

A complete set of engineering drawings for Express Car No. 14
were researched and prepared in same fashion as those done for
Coach No.4.

1984 V&T Gasoline Motor Car No.99 – Engineering.Prepared for Nevada State Museum

Detailed, piece-by-piece, research of the remains of Motor Car
No.99 along with detailed analysis of existing photographs was
completed as part of the preparation of a formal set of drawings
for the body and front truck of this unique car.

1986 Restoration Engineering Project for AT &
SF Coaches No. 2 & No. 3.
Prepared for Kansas Museum of History, Topeka Kansas.A detailed research and drawing package was prepared documenting
the existing condition, the modifications made to the cars over
their lives and the restoration, new construction, hardware,
furnishings and details required to restore Coach No. 2 to its
c.1910 appearance as Business Car No. 410 and Coach No. 3 to
its c.1927 appearance as Drovers Car No. D-911. Required the
specification and design of a kitchen, pullman berths, bedrooms,
dining room, heater closet, doors, windows, fixtures, etc.

City of Santa Fe Springs – Heritage Park
Railroad History Exhibit.

For City of Santa Fe Springs.

In May 1988 the City of Santa Fe Springs, CA contracted Short
Line to act as consultants in the development of a Railroad History
Exhibit for their Heritage Park. Our task has been to find and
help the city acquire selected railroad equipment – a c.1900
Santa Fe Steam Locomotive, a Santa Fe Caboose and a c.1910-1920
freight car suitable for refurbishment and static display in
a railroad setting. The purpose of this exhibit is to interpret
the importance of the Santa Fe Railway to the City’s creation,
growth and development.


Short Line located a Santa Fe 2-8-0 at an
old coal mine museum in Madrid, NM. After inspecting it the City
purchased the locomotive and tender and Short Line became responsible
for moving it from Madrid to the City’s Public Works Yard in
Santa Fe Springs. The engine and tender were trucked overland
to a Santa Fe rail siding, loaded on flat cars, shipped to California,
reloaded on trucks and hauled to the Public Works Yard. Phase
II of the project required preparation of the engine and tender
for engineering analysis and restoration, preparation of a detailed
engineering package to enable fabrication of some major parts
which are missing and final restoration cost estimates.


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