An October 1997 Amtrak inspection revealed several previously undetected problems with the Pony Express and Amtrak required the car undergo a complete 40 year Inspection before it would be allowed to operate. This extensive inspection/rebuild was started in October of 1997. Progress was rapid at first but intervening film and consulting projects, such as the design and rebuilding of commuter coaches into elegant dining cars for the Sierra Railroads' dinner train operation. delayed final completion until August 20, 2001.

The Pony Express was kept in the "Garden" at Los Angeles Union Station. from August, 2002 until June, 2007 when Amtrak raised parking rates to a level that was no longer economical to pay. During its five years in the Garden it saw regular use for special events, special trains, charters, birthday parties, etc.

In June 2007 the Pony moved to Lamy, NM via Amtrak Train No. 3, the Southwest Chief, where it was met by the Santa Fe Southern and taken to its temporary home in Santa Fe.

In September 2008 the Pony departed Santa Fe for Los Angeles, CA to participate in the 2008 AAPRCO convention Special to San Diego and San Pedro. following the convention the Pony was part of a special train that ran from Oakland to Mt. Shasta and return. Following completion of the special train event the Pony travelled from Los Angeles to its new home in Winslow, AZ.

February 2009 saw the Pony Express and sleeper Pacific Sands travel on the sunset Limited from Los Angeles to New Orleans for a night of Mardi Gras revelry then on to Washington DC via the Crescent for the Annual AAPRCO Congressional Reception held in conjunction with Railroad Day on Capital Hill. following the receprion the cars returned via the Capitol Limited to Chicago and the Southwest Chief.

The Company continues to specialize in coordinating train sequences for feature films on locations around the country, private car / special train project consulting and marketing, operating and maintaining the Pony Express..

The Company's web site is and lists all of the Company's film credits, services and activities.

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