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Private Car and Private Train Services
Member of AAPRCO and RPCA


  • Private Rail Car for sale or lease
  • Private Cars & Private Trains for Celebrity & Executive Clients - Private cars and private trains provide the ultimate in luxury travel. They consist of privately owned passenger cars certified for operation by Amtrak and pulled by Amtrak locomotives with Amtrak crews. The Train Source, Inc. is thoroughly experienced in providing private car and train services to celebrity and executive clients to assure discretion and privacy.
    • The Train Source, Inc. enjoys an excellent working relationship with Amtrak.and through its affiliation with AAPRCO (American Association of Private Railcar Owners) and is able to organize and coordinate the creation and operation of private trains for corporate, business, pleasure and promotional purposes.
    • Car Selections - Cars available for inclusion in private trains include business cars. sleepers, lounge cars, dining cars, dome cars and baggage cars. See the AAPRCO website for further descriptions of these cars.
    • Train Size - Private trains can range from one locomotive and one car up to several locomotives and 19 -20 cars. Size depends on need.
    • Schedule and Costs - The Train Source, Inc. is prepared to develop schedule and cost information on a fee basis. Feel free to contact Stan Garner for more information.


  • Train Source, Inc. personnel have worked with major studios, independent producers and record/entertainment companies to operate/coordinate private trains operations on various railroads throughout the United States


  • Stan Garner has established personal working relationships with key personnel at Amtrak and on different class 1 railroads and short lines in several locations around the country.