The Holy Moley Railroad
Updated 1/4/10


First day of operation on 56 feet of track - 36 more to go - 8/2/09

Here it comes

No.2 hugging the cliff

Making the turn at "Screaming Mimi Turn"

No.2 calling the Roundhouse - over!

Temporary end of track at the site of
the Great Trestle over Holy Moley Gulch

One of 12 redwood trestle bents being assembled. 9/3/09

Trestle bents and stringers positioned for trim and fit over waterfall. More rocks will be added to
make it look like stream goes into foreground

Overview: Rest of trestle will curve from the left then the other end of track will be connected for a continuous 105 foot long loop.


Check fit 9/12/09

First part of Great Trestle ready for track 9/13/09

Alignment check 9/13/0909

Jr. Engineer Daniel makes first run onto
Great Trestle over Holy Moley Gulch
Thanksgiving Day 2009

Construction of the Great Trstle resumes 12/5/09


Snowy morning 12_8_09

A little snow never slows construction 12/8/09

End of the day 12/8/09

 The end is in sight 12/8/09

12/12/09 The loop is complete. The train is coming.

1st Train over the finished trestle

Whew, we made it!

And away we go.
Now comes the siding, spur and landscaping

Mainline and siding fnished 1/4/10

1st train over new mainline alignment

Oops! Ballast reguator left boulder on siding

Problem solved