41 Years

1967 - 2008

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Movie Trains and Railroad Location Services
309 Productions nationwide since 1972
Rev 11/5/2012

  •  Movie Trains and Railroad Locations
  • Coordinating Services.
    Recognized expertise in coordinating railroad requirements in film and television production at any location nationwide.
    • Scouting services - For trains and locations.
    • Technical Advisor - Assist with technical details in story line, provide technical assistance to Art Department, Stunts, Special Effects, Safety.
    • Pre-production - Breakdown script requirements, prepare budgets, provide art direction assistance, establish working relationships with other operating railroads, identify and secure specific equipment, arrange transportation of RR equipment via rail or truck and make sure equipment is in compliance with applicable federal and/or state regulations.
    • Production - Coordinate track time and crew requirements with operating railroad, oversee or perform equipment operation and maintenance, assist with preparation for special effects and stunts, work with/provide safety coordinator to establish and implement railroad safety rules and provide interface between AD and train crew.
  • Props
    The Train Source, Inc. has numerous railroad items available for rental as props.


  • Have worked with major studios and independent producers to operate/coordinate trains and locations in more than 270 film and television productions since 1972, most featuring stunts and special effects involving train/auto crashes, explosions, fire and stunt people and principal actors on and about the train exterior.
  • Provided train coordination services for THE EXPRESS, 3:10 TO YUMA, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, MONA LISA SMILE, THE ITALIAN JOB, O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?, IRON WILL, UNDER SIEGE II operating other trains on major railroads and short lines in California, Mississippi, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado


  • Stan Garner is a qualified engineer on both steam and diesel locomotives licensed in accordance with Federal Railroad Administration regulations 49CFR240 and is a member of SAG with numerous screen credits.
  • Stan has established personal working relationships with key personnel on different class 1 railroads and short lines in several locations around the country.