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Logan S. (Stan) Garner, is the founder of The Train
Source, Inc. (originally founded in 1967 as Short Line Enterprises,
converted to Short Line Enterprises, Inc. 1973.)

Mr. Garner has 48 years of experience in the restoration, maintenance
and operation of steam and diesel locomotives as well as passenger
and freight cars. He has participated in restoration projects
for the California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, California;
Short Line Enterprises was the restoration contractor for the
Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, Nevada; (1979 – 1989)
and Heritage Park in Santa Fe Springs, California (1988 – 1990.)
He has participated in Restoration and Feasibility Engineering
projects for Nevada State Parks; and the Kansas Museum of History,
Topeka, Kansas, as well as economic research on tourist railroad
development in connection with the Nevada State Railroad Museum
at Boulder City, Nevada and the City of Fillmore’s Economic Development

Mr. Garner was actively involved with motion picture and excursion
train operations with Short Line Enterprises, and the Sierra
Railroad at Jamestown, California (1975-1982). He is a founder
and former President of the Fillmore & Western Railway at
Fillmore, California (1991-1997).

While with the Fillmore & Western Railway, he implemented
the FRA approved engineer certification program in accordance
with 49 CFR 240. He was certified as a class 01 locomotive engineer
in 1992 and became Designated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers
in December of 1995. He has conducted engineer certification
and re-certification classes and administered certification tests. He
has participated in several FRA seminars covering locomotive
engineer certification and steam locomotive rules changes.

Today the company provides motion picture consulting and
train coordinating services, and is responsible for the operation
and marketing for the company’s privately owned railroad car,
the Pony Express. Mr. Garner is a member of the American Association
of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) and served on the Board
of Directors 2004 – 2012. He served as President of the organization
from October 2008 until October 2010 He has also a member of the
Railroad Passenger Car Alliance (RPCA). In addition to his other
duties Mr. Garner consults on equipment operation, restoration,
research, and design.

Mr. Garner has worked as a train consultant, train coordinator
and actor on more than 307 film, television and still shoots
in all parts of the country. He is a member of the Screen Actors
Guild (SAG) and has several screen credits including Dr. Quinn
Medicine Woman, Iron Will, Martial Law, O Brother Where Art Thou?,
Torque, The Italian Job, Mona Lisa Smile, There Will Be Blood,
3:10 to Yuma, True Grit and many others.

In his capacity as Train Coordinator for the film industry.Mr.
Garner has been responsible for arranging and coordinating the
operation of special trains on mainline and short line railroads.

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