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Stan Garner - Production Credits

Updated 11/5/2012

20 - July 1990 - February 2010- Train Coordinator - Various Locations
2012 H3 Warner Bros Consultant
2010 True Grit Paramount Pictures Train Consultant, Austin, TX
2009 Witchita Project Paramount Pictures Consultant
Jonah Hex Warner Bros 1870's Comic book train - New Orleans, LA

The Express Universal Pictures 1949 freight train - Chicago, IL

3:10 to Yuma Lions Gate Films  Build track, Provide 1870's steam locomotive w/freight & passenger cars, Santa Fe, NM
  There Will Be Blood Paramount Pictures 1911 Steam locomotive w/freight & passenger cars, Marfa, TX
2005 Flags Of Our Fathers  Warner Bros WWII Lounge Car, Los Angeles, CA

Mona Lisa Smile  Columbia Pictures 1953 Pegr Train, A&C Ry, Parker, AZ
  Hidalgo Walt Disney Pictures  Consulting for steam locomotive.

The Italian Job Paramount Pictures Amtrak Train, Los Angeles
  Torque Big Wheel Prod. (WB) Passenger Train A&C Ry, Blythe, CA

Short Line GMN Prod Pre-Prod - Film 2002

To The White Sea Coen Bros. Pre-Prod Train Budget.
The Jacket Mandalay Pictures Pre-Prod Train Budget.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Blind Bard Pictures, Inc Period Freight Train, Hand Car, Leland, MS, Edwards, MS

Ghost Riders in the Sky 20th Century Fox Train Coordinator, Cancelled in Pre-production

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Warner Bros Train Coordinators, Denver - Fillmore, Train Stunts

Iron Will

Iron Will Productions (Disney) Train Coordinator, Duluth, MN, Stunts

Stay Tuned ST Film Productions, Ltd.  Steam Freight, Florence, AZ, Stunts/Explosions 

Night Ride Down

Paramount Pictures Train Coordinator, Chicago, Pre-Production

25 - July 1990 - March 2000- Fillmore & Western Railway
Located on 29 miles of former SP Santa Paula Branch between Montalvo, Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru, California.


The Cell

Avery Pix Freight train, Sespe Creek
 1998 I’ll Remember April I’ll Remember April Prod. Period Freight Train, Santa Paula Depot, Sespe Creek

The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave

MGM Contemporary Passenger Train, Xmas Tree Farm, Stunt-Hit Car


Judas Kiss

Coco Productions Contemporary PassengerTrain, Fillmore City Hall as depot

Music From Another Room

MGM/Orion Contemporary Passenger Train, Fillmore City Hall as depot

Perfect Assassins (A Breed Apart)

ProMark Entertainment Contemporary Freight Train, Sespe Creek Bridge, Truck/Helicopter Stunt


Metro Films, Inc. 19th Century Steam Freight Train, Dudley Ranch


Santa With Muscles

Santa Productions, Inc. Track RR Crossing, Fillmore



Track 2 Productions Period Passenger Train, Fillmore

Broken Arrow

20th Century Fox Contemporary Freight Train, Sycamore Ranch, Helicopter Stunt Rehearsals

Money Train

Columbia Pictures Train Coordinators, Los Angeles, Numerous Stunts

Walk in the Clouds

Cloud Enterprises Contemp Passenger Train, Santa Paula Depot

Little Giants

Amblin Entertainment Contemp Passenger Train, Fillmore, Stunt w/Go Cart

I Love Trouble

Anhall Productions Passenger Car, Sespe Creek, Simulated Train Wreck

Prehysteria 2

Full Moon Prod. TrainYard, Fillmore

Tall Tale

Tall Tale Productions, Inc. Steam Passenger/Freight, Bellio Curve, Stunt-Engine/Actor

City Slickers II

Castle Rock Pictures, Inc. Contemp Commuter Trains, Fillmore

Return to Two Moon Junction

April Films Contemp Passenger Train, Santa Paula Depot

My Boyfriend's Back

Matte Effects Track, Sycamore Ranch

Coneheads The Movie

Paramount Pictures Contemp Passenger Train, Sycamore Ranch, Stunt
The Thing Called Love
Paramount Pictures Contemp Freight, Dudley Ranch, Stunt

Fatal Instinct

MGM Pictures Track, Sycamore Ranch

House of Cards

Pentamerica Communications Build Track, Newhall Ranch

Of Mice and Men

Mice Productions, Inc. (MGM)  Steam Freight, Sespe Creek, Stunt


Period Films, Inc. (Carolco) Steam Passenger, SD Dairy, Stunt

17 - June 1985 - June 1990 - Newhall Ranch Movie Train (all contemporary)
Located on 3 1/2 mile isolated section of former SP Santa Paula Branch at Castaic Junction, California.
Moved to Piru - Fillmore - Santa Paula segment of branch in July 1990


Nothing But Trouble

Warner Bros. Freight Train, Bridge Stunt

Eve of Destruction

Eve Productions Stunt with Speeder (subway car) in tunnel.Track, Coordination.


Back to the Future III

Universal Studios Provide speeder to power special effects Time Machine Locomotive. Ventura County rail

On a Train Heading West

Company West Pictures Freight Train, Yard

The Grifters

The Grifters, Inc. Passenger Train,

Think Big

Hang Fire Prod. Freight Train, Semi Truck Stunt

The Train

Mike Mathis Prod. Freight Train, Yard, Stunt.

The Sleeping Car

Sleeping Car Prod. Freight Train, Stunt


Bert Rigby

Carl Reiner Prod. SW-1 Locomotive

Night Life

Wild Night Prod. Passenger Train
Night Train to Kathmandu
Tiger Films Passenger Train
Throw Momma From the Train
Orion Passenger Train
Hot to Trot
Hot to Trot Prod. Freight Train
Near Dark
Near Dark Prod. Freight Train
The Lost Boys
Warner Bros. Passenger Train, Bridge Stunt
Cannon Films Freight Train , Stunt, Passenger Train
Hunters' Blood
Cineventure Freight Train, Bridge Stunt

6 - January 1977 - December 1984 - Sierra Railroad, California State RR Museum
Sierra Railroad, Jamestown, California - California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, California
 1984 Pale Rider Warner Bros Period Passenger Train, SLE Coach #17,SRR

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Chattanooga Choo Choo Prod. Passenger Trains, CSRM, SRR, SLE Loco #8

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Disney Freight Train, SRR


The Long Riders

Long Rider Prod. Period Passenger Train, SLE Coach- Combine #8, Baggage #21, SRR

Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again

Disney Period Passenger Train, SLE Baggage #21, SRR
The Worlds' Greatest Lover
20th Century Fox Passenger Train, Depot, SRR