USS Midway - CVA 41

Carrier Qualification cruise off San
Clemente Island, August 1963


Heavy Attack Squadron 8 (VAH-8)
A3D Skywarrior - affectionately
known as a "Whale"

A3D also stood for "All Three Dead"
because there were no ejection seats.

Whales were usually parked with
their tails hanging off the side of
the deck to make more room for
other planes during servicing ops.

This made it very difficult for AT's
to change the ARC-38 Antenna
Couplers which were located in
the vertical fin above the horizon-
tal stabilizer.


Servicing birds for another day of

Refueling Plane Guard Destroyer


Hi-lining a crewman from the Midway to the Stoddard using a Bosun's chair.

An "E" ticket ride for sure.

Photos by: L. S. Garner

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