310 Train Unload
Rev 11/16/06

Map to Ford Ranch, Galisteo, NM

Detail of routes in and out

Entrance to Ford Ranch traveling south on NM Hwy 41 just south
of Galisteo.

Gated entrance – wide gates on right of wall will be used. Approach
has been filled, compacted and graded to allw a wide swing.

Guard post is 1/4 mile past entrance. Must stop here to sign

Guard post. Entrance is 14′ wide. Have to make sharp left turn
immediately past Guard Post.

Sharp left turn to access location. Should be plenty of room
to turn without going off the road.

Turn right at this road. 1st road you come to. Stay off grass

.Road to unload site. Gate is 15-16 ft wide has S curve at approach.
Looking West SW.

Looking WSW through gate

Fence gate looking East NE towards entrance – S Curve in approach

Approach to unload area looking SW.

This is the unload area looking SW.

This is the exit from the unload area.