Interior Combine #304

Reader Coach #213

Reader Coach 212

Exterior Coach and Combine

Coaches 212 and 213 look the same from the outside

Combine 304 in Pullman Green for There Will Be Blood - Typical for 1908

Box Car

Locomotive No. 2 and Tender

Unload Engine

1875 Locomotive at Calif State RR Museum

1875 Coach Combine at Calif State RR Museum

1875 Coach Combine Interior - Missing Lamps
Painted Headliner was typical - Catalogue item
Shutters instead of blinds

1875 Passenger Loco with 1874 Coach - Navada State RR Museum

Interior 1874 Coach -
Dark green mohair seat cushions and backs not yet installed
Note: Identical Smoking Car had leather seats

 310 Train Diagrams

Reader RR Locomotive No.2


Reader RR Combine No 304


Reader RR Coach No. 213


Reader RR Box Car No. 212


Reader RR Caboose No. 404