The Short Line Enterprises Story Volumes I & II – by Stan Garner

Volume I – 260-Page, Soft Cover OR Volume II – 373-Page, Soft Cover; both with Two-thirds in Color

An excerpt from the book’s forward:

Contained herein is the compelling story of how Short Line Enterprises was in the right place at the right time during the formative years of the railroad preservation movement. They were instrumental in seeing that many pieces of vintage railroad equipment still exist today. They were an essential link in ensuring that many of Hollywood’s significant railroad artifacts safely transitioned from mere studio “props” to museum-quality artifacts. At the same time, they added exponentially to the already long list of railroads in American cinema.

The engaging story of Short Line Enterprises is conveyed in great detail by founding partner Logan Stanley Garner, longtime SLE Vice President-Administration. It is written at an opportune time when only two of the four original partners survive. It’s a fascinating and engaging story of American resourcefulness and ingenuity with a lasting legacy. You won’t be disappointed.

Welcome aboard!

Stephen E. Drew
Chief Curator (Retired)
California State Railroad Museum